Street Command

Training Classes

An eight hour seminar on hazard risk assessment utilizing observations and monitoring techniques. The course utilizes gaming technologies to visualize the concepts presented. 

Course Goal:

This class was designed with first responder’s initial companies in mind. It is a practical approach towards street level incident command and control activities, addressing the theory and practical application of the first level of command. Offering a straightforward approach to the response science, referencing, communication practices.

Course Summary:

Street Level Command is intended to help response personnel respond quickly to incidents involving Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction and direct the incident through a command structure. Training is designed to enhance the safety and protection of response personnel and components of the HazMat/WMD response as a whole while combining basic concepts with real world application and operational insight.

Course Objective:

It is a practical approach towards first level of command. Participant evaluation is based upon repetitive scenario/activities and tabletop scenarios culminating towards final scenario work.