HazMat 101 Essentials

Training Classes

An eight hour class highlighting the basic strategies for Hazard Characterization, naming and referencing. It is the basics of  Chemistry, Air Monitoring strategies, and  referencing in a one day format. Great for three shift deliveries.

Course Goal:

Upon completion of this session the participant shall use chemical and physical properties, Chemical nomenclature and reference materials to devise and action plan analysis portion of a Hazardous Materials/WMD event. We will review basic monitoring principles as they are applied to the chemical and physical properties.

Course Summary:

HazMat in general is viewed as a complicated, and boring topic. When in reality it is just like any of the rescue disciplines a refined art. It is a balanced approach weighing the amount of data that you can quickly collect and what the information means. The second part is how can we verify this information based upon published data. We start with the states of matter and the corresponding Chemical and Physical properties. Each of these data points directly correlates towards a detection strategy and/or scene observation.

Course Objective:

It is a practical approach towards basic referencing and identification, addressing the theory and practical application. Offering a straightforward approach to the response science, combining basic concepts with real world application. Great as a hazmat ops refresher, can be used with practical’s for Mission Specific Ops.