Street Level Spectroscopy

Training Classes

Course Goal:

Infrared (IR) and Raman chemical identifiers are now common hazmat tools, but they are so easy to operate that we sometimes forget how to use them properly. This interactive, hands-on intensive workshop introduces the concepts of IR and Raman as students run actual samples. Scenarios are presented to teach the proper deployment of each device in the context of Transportation and storage situations. It will use and identify other technologies (pH paper, 4-gas monitors, PID, colorimetric tubes, etc.) used at such an incident. Simplified, practical information will help IR and Raman responders of all levels better incorporate these technologies into their operational protocols

Course Summary:

This course provides those responders with basic information about how to read IR spectroscopy and where to “plug” in other technologies. It is an approach to simple IR interpretation. In order to recognize, evaluate, and forecast potential chemicals involved in the release of hazardous materials incident. It is intended for members of the HazMat Team at both the OpsCore Mission Specific and HazMat Technician Level who may be called upon to provide assistance during such emergencies to safely analysis of substances at Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Event. This session is highly interactive utilizing instrumentation used in the field today.

Course Objective:

Description and identification of the regions in which certain chemical are realized. Paramedics read the basic EKG, HazMat techs read the basics of IR