Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.... Using Detection as a Strategy

Training Classes

Course Goal:

You’re on scene and you have to start making quick decisions based on the information you are receiving from the entry team. Or you’re the entry team and you’re making the decisions based on the numbers you receiving. This presentation is built around the idea of looking at detection as a strategy, one that will guide the responder down the path of potential hazard possibilities. We will introduce a suite of informational means as a toolbox, to guide the instruction towards understanding air monitoring and detection within real time environment. Through the use of simulated environments and real time detection simulation. We will review basic monitoring principles as they are applied to the chemical and physical properties.

Course Summary:

We have taken scenarios to a whole new level of interaction that of a computer game in which the student can explore many tactical objectives and options all within the comfort of a game. Through game play problem solving and critical thinking decision-making process is developed and used similar to what happens in the street.

Course Objective:

It is a practical approach towards meters and what the numbers are telling you