Hazardous Materials 

• This discipline is a large, diverse area of expertise.

• Each class is uniquely designed.

• We match the instructor with the course, conveying the information with the most experienced instructor for your organization.

Our purpose is to assess your needs and match you with a class or create a customized class dedicated to meeting your facility’s or agencies specific requirements.

Whether your organization is large or small, we will specifically train you and your staff how to respond to the emergency. We evaluate your challenges and provide you with the necessary goals, solutions and training to efficiently serve your community when they need you most!

Some of our capabilities include:


• Response to terrorism

• Hazardous materials

• Operations Level

• Mission Specific

• Technician Level

• Incident Commander

• Incident management systems

• Patient decontamination for hospitals and EMS

• Hospital Emergency Incident Command Systems (HEICS)

Leadership and Managerial Training

• Plan development and review to include rewrites or updates

• CEMP's

• Terrorism Annexes

• Audit of Hazardous Materials response systems and profiles

• System Analysis

• Training and Resource analysis