D.I.M.S. Basic Air Monitoring

Training Classes

Three days of table tops, and hands on activities. The participants will learn the basic concepts and strategies that are required within NFPA 472.

Course Goal:

To provide knowledge, skills, and application to personnel who may respond to HazMat/WMD incidents, and to enhance the safety of responders in such incidents.

Course Summary:

The hazardous materials response community has been overwhelmed with detection technologies in the past few years. Most of these devices give the responder a variety of information. The key is to understand what we are using and why. The approach is simple. Look at the known, and based upon what information is given, the decision points are then achieved. This course will guide the responder through a matrix of decision points which are rooted in the chemistry of hazardous materials. A hands-on educational approach is used in order for the first responder to work through the decision process as well as highlight the use of multiple technologies for the risk assessment of an unidentified substance.

Course Objective:

Following a brief lecture, responders using accompanying text and charts shall perform and discuss the priorities of detection through the use of simulations and directed activities.